Professora Sarará

Eden Shoemaker

Photo: Lia Alexander

Photo: Lia Alexander

Professora Sarará began her capoeira training over 15 years ago with Mestre Canguru, from Brazil.  She was the founder/director of the Humboldt Capoeira Academy in Arcata, CA. The capoeira academy, with over 100 students of all ages was successful in positively influencing the community for eight years. 

Professora Sarará now lives in Santa Rosa, CA and continues her efforts to spread cultural awareness through the arts. She is often sought out to teach at capoeira events across the US and abroad.  She is the highest ranked female - in the US - within the Cordão De Ouro group.  Sarará has proven to be a role model for women athletes, and has come to exemplify the core concepts taught through capoeira.


Mestre Canguru


Domingos Melo Figueiredo

World renowned Mestre Canguru is from São Paulo, Brazil and has over 30 years experience in the art of Capoeira.  Mestre Canguru is sought throughout the U.S. and abroad for his knowledge, expertise, and attention to technique.  A pioneer of capoeira in the U.S. he continues to provide quality instruction around the world, and leads his group on the north coast of California.